School Leadership Team (SLT)

School Leadership Team

At PS147 we believe in the power community and we believe in collaboration. It is this part of us that embraces the School Leadership Team (SLT) a DOE-mandated committee in which parents participate along side  teachers, staff, and community partners to establish school priorities, evaluate progress & review the school budget.

Behind every great education is a team making great decisions. "Mandatory members of the SLT include: The school principal, PA/PTA president or designated PA/PTA co-president, and UFT chapter leader or designee. The SLT should have a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 17 members and may include 2 high school students (only in HS) and representatives from community based organizations (CBOs). Most importantly, SLTs must have an equal number of parents and staff members – which includes the Principal on the staff portion." — 

Together, through consensus and review, the SLT's core responsibility is to create the Comprehensive Education Plan (CEP) for the school. The CEP sets annual goals for the school in all areas and focuses on developing educational strategies for improvement. Every public school in NYC must have both a CEP and SLT. We are happy to have ours. 

 SLT Bylaws 12 21 2020.pdf