About Us

Welcome to PS 147

The mission of Public School 147 is to provide authentic learning experiences. We aspire to ensure that each individual achieves his/her fullest potential. Our school fosters the development of the “whole” child by creating a child centered environment that utilizes workshop model teaching. This enables us to serve and support individual needs and learning styles.  The entire school community works collaboratively to ensure all its members grow as learners. We are committed to building a caring community of learners that work hard to excel. We believe in our children and our community.

At Public School 147 we value diversity, equity and life-long learning.  Our vision encourages parents and staff to work collaboratively. We share. We reflect. We look back. We look forward. We communicate.  We believe individuals learn best in a nurturing environment where language, culture and individual differences are celebrated.  

Our school cultivates independent life-long learners who think creatively, critically and analytically by exposing our students to authentic learning experiences.  We want to empower our students with the dispositions and abilities needed to build a better society.  The school community is committed to ensuring all students achieve high levels of success by establishing clear expectations within a standards-based curriculum that strives for rigor in all aspects of teaching and learning.

Home of the First NYC DOE Japanese Dual Language Program

We are so excited to announce that the 2015 - 2016 school year has brought with it the first ever Japanese Dual-Language Kindergarten class at PS 147 in Brooklyn! Find out more about our new program by visiting our blog.